Tuesday, March 8, 2011

LDS Tools for Android

So I wanted to start working on the LDS Tools app for Android and it was a bit of a pain to get it all setup, so here's the list of stuff that I had to do to get it to work and hopefully it will help someone else out. I did it with Ubuntu 10.10, but the same general steps should apply to any OS.

  1. Install Eclipse (sudo apt-get install eclipse)
  2. Verify that Eclipse Update repo setup correctly (instructions here) (this was actually only a problem for me in Fedora and not Ubuntu)
  3. Install Android SDK (instructions found here)
  4. Create a Virtual Device (instructions here)
  5. Checkout the code (Instructions here)
  6. Change JDK Compliance to 1.6 in Windows->Preferences->Java->Compiler
  7. Create a new Android Project in Eclipse using the checked out source
  8. Install Checkstyle (Instructions here) (I had to set it to exclude the "files not open in editor" to avoid a ton of places that didn't match the style file. Hopefully, that can be resolved as people start to write compliant code)
  9. Add the checkstyle-config-1.0.0.xml as an "External Configuration File" in the Checkstyle section of the Project Properties
  10. In the Java Code Style->Formatter section of the Project Properties, import the ldssa.codestyle.xml file and select that as the Active Profile
Automatic build is enabled by default, so let it do its thing and then you should be able to run the generated executable. For me to get the Android emulator to connect to the internet on my laptop I had to disable my ethernet connection so it would use the wireless, but other than that the compiled app ran great.